Offering training for horse and rider, with focus on correct basics, suppleness and balance of horse and rider. Lisa believes the key to good riding is correct rider position with the ability to feel and sense what the horse needs in order to bring out harmony, relaxation and suppleness. Lisa understands that riders come to this sport with many different learning styles and expectations - whether focusing on moving your horse up the levels for successful competition, or just wanting to enjoy the journey of training to bring out the best of you and your horse. Lisa has the ability to communicate well and break down theory and ideas so each student can experience those “ah hah” moments that draw us back day after day.

“Lisa is hardworking and talented and has a wonderful future. A generous, 

sensitive and patient rider that has a good feel for the horse” 


Jan Brons



(410) 991-3711



Adelheid Manor

2874 Patuxent River Road

Davidsonville, MD 21035

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